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What's the LBG and what IS Ultracycling?

June 23, 2019


What do you mean you started a GANG? 


Well....that's not EXACTLY how this started. Fresh off a Race Across the West team finish Dani, Sara and Hilary were talking about women in ultra cycling. Dani suggested they roll into an ultra race with as many ladies as they could round up. Conversations escalated quickly and the next thing you know it was DefCon Level 10 planning. We managed to have a kit designed (THANK YOU Dusty Scott!), Store up (THANK YOU Drew Burke!) and have enough kits ordered to meet the minimum requirement and ship in time for an August race. 


If we did all that in 24-hours imagine what we could do in one week?


And THIS my friends is how the Lady Bike Gang was born. 


Our goal is to educate and promote more female participation in ultra cycling. We aren't ashamed to admit we love snacks, road trips, unicorns, glitter and dance parties. We don't take ourselves too seriously and you probably shouldn't either. Unless we are hungry. Then you need to listen. 


So what IS Ultracycling?


A continuous bike race that is more than 120 miles. Or an excuse to rally up your girlfriends, wear costumes and dance like giddy school girls. Either way we are down.


Ultracycling races are held in a couple different formats:


Mileage Races: The race is 400 miles. You ride 400 miles. You finished the race. 


If only it was that simple. These races typically involve a crew (the people who are going to keep you alive), a follow vehicle, a route book and rules. Some races follow RAAM rules which requires direct follow at night and others don't. Because of the length of these events roads are typically not closed to traffic and courses are not marked. Its your crews responsibility to make your sandwiches and keep you pointed in the right direction. 


Time Based Races: These events are held in formats based on time. 6/12/24-hour is most common. Most timed races are on looped courses and you ride the same loop over and over. Whoever gets the most miles in the amount of time wins. No one is going to force you to ride the entire time. The clock runs continuously so if you climb off the bike to eat a burrito and drink a coke that's cool, but the clock is still ticking. You can bring crew and have them set up pit style or do your own thing. 


Do I need a crew? Wonder Woman is awesome but she's better with Etta Candy right? 


You most likely have to have a crew for a mileage based race. If your ride or die can't make it to a 6/12/24-hour race you'll make it, but trust us, these things are more fun with friends. 20 hours in you will start squallering when another cyclist crew rolls up with breakfast burritos.


We are equal opportunity suffers and recognize that there are many other ultracycling events like brevets, gravel and mountain bike races, and stage races. 


Follow the horn ladies and lets get this party started! 





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